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Neuqua Valley High School ESRP 2014 - Team 2

The Sustainability of Silver Nanoparticles


  • Students:
    • Ajay Dugar
    • Tushar Dwivedi
    • Snayha Garg
    • Yaser Khalid
    • William Tong
    • Apoorva Tummala
  • Teachers:
    • Daria Prawlocki
  • Mentors:
    • Mahalingam Balasubramanian (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD-SPC)
    • Jason Croy (Argonne National Laboratory, Chemical Sciences and Engineering)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 20: Spectroscopy GroupChemical Sciences and Engineering

Silver nanoparticles are becoming an increasingly important topic of study in material science. Valued especially for their antibacterial properties, silver nanoparticles are appearing in everything from socks to hospital gowns. At the current moment, a rising problem with silver nanoparticles is their sustainability when woven into fabrics. After exposure to various detergents and the strains of daily wear, the nanoparticles may either be detached altogether or changed in their chemical structure. Therefore, with this study, we seek to examine the effects different detergents and regular usage may have on the nanoparticles.  If exposure to a detergent or regular usage effects the properties of silver nanoparticles, then the chemical structure of silver nanoparticles will be altered. We will utilize XAFS at Argonne to determine the interactions within silver nanoparticles. The results from this experiment may provide a guide for using silver nanoparticles in clothing with greater efficiency, allowing for a cleaner today and healthier tomorrow.

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