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Oak Lawn Community High School ESRP 2016

Comparing Bone Growth in Rat Spines with Scaffolds Surgically Added Using X-Ray Tomography: Scaffolds, intended to enhance cellular growth through means of a synthetic biomaterial, are the most modern and advanced approach to bone treatment. Using X-Ray tomography, we compared the effectiveness of a medication in facilitating the growth of new bone.


  • Students:
    • Danielle Allen
    • Aidan Blake
    • Brea Brennan
    • Marcus Favila
    • Tomasz Krzysiak
    • Val Molloy
    • Justin Paslawski
    • Michael Rodriguez
    • Trevor Spreadbury
    • Rebecca Suarez
  • Teachers:
    • Raymond Baniewicz
    • Christopher Repa
  • Mentors:
    • Carmen Soriano-Hoyuelos (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD)
    • Stuart Stock (Northwestern University, Cell and Developmental Biology)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 2: Imaging/Microscopy

The goal of the experiment was to analyze the effectiveness of a certain medication in the promotion of bone growth in scaffolding in rat spines. This analysis was made possible through the use of synchrotron X-ray tomography. The X-ray synchrotron imaging technique provided detailed 3D images that allowed us to virtually dissect the rat samples and determine differences in bone growth between the two samples. One sample had medication applied to it, while one sample was untreated. We were not informed as to which sample had medication applied, which allowed us to analyze any potential differences free of bias. The synchrotron device at the Advanced Photon Source displayed enhanced details that other conventional methods, such as a microscope, would not be able to present.

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