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Oak Lawn Community High School ESRP 2017

Comparing Surface Area in Differing Samples of Surgical Mesh For Surgical Implementation: Mesh, Intended To Enhance Cellular Restoration Through Means Of A Synthetic Polymer, Is The More Modern And Advanced Approach For Stitching Treatment. Using X-Ray Tomography, We Compared Sample Surface Areas.


  • Students:
    • Mohammed Alabed
    • Adam Baniewicz
    • Piotr Galas
    • Anna Gil
    • Tomasz Krzysiak
    • Thomas Panek
    • Justin Paslawski
    • Paulina Staszel
  • Teachers:
    • Raynmond Baniewicz
    • Christopher Repa
  • Mentors:
    • Carmen Soriano-Hoyuelos (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD)
    • Stuart Stock (Northwestern University, Cell and Developmental Biology)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 2: Imaging/Microscopy

The goal of the experiment is to evaluate the differences between various sizes and shapes of surgical meshes, using synchrotron X-ray tomography. The propagation phase contrast-based X-ray synchrotron imaging techniques will provide detailed 3D images that will allow the group to virtually dissect the surgical mesh and observe its structure in detail. A comparison between the different sizes and shapes of surgical meshes will allow the lab team to analyze the underlying reason for the differences in the healing processes. This will allow the lab team to fully discover the relationship between the structure and function of the mesh samples. The samples will be scanned using a medium resolution setup to study the general morphology of the specimens. Areas of interest will then be scanned at a high resolution. The use of the synchrotron device at the Advanced Photon Source will show enhanced detail unable to be achieved through conventional methods.

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