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Education and Outreach Programs

Romeoville High School ESRP 2019

Testing Graphene as a Protective Coating for LiMnO2 Batteries


  • Students:
    • Michael Daum
    • Corinne Doty
    • Teigan Glenke
    • Caitlin McGillen
    • Eric Nelson
    • Arta Osmani
    • Justin Vollmuth
  • Teachers:
    • Sandrine Clairardin
    • Tina Paulus
  • Mentors:
    • John Katsoudas (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    • Kamil Kucuk (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    • Elahe Moazzen (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    • Carlo Segre (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    • Elena Timofeeva (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 10: MR-CAT

This study aims to characterize structural degradation of a MnO2 cathode in the presence of a graphene coating. LiMnO2 has potentially high capacity due to its Li content and due absences of cobalt, it is less expensive and toxic compared to other cathode options; however, irreversible loss of oxygen surrounding the Mn atoms causes a rapid loss in capacity. There is evidence to suggest that the graphene coating will prevent the structural degradation of the cathode, resulting in higher capacity retention than has been observed with this cathode previously. For this experiment, LiMnO2 batteries were created either with or without a graphene coating, then cycled through charge and discharge cycles to simulate use and test for capacity retention. After cycling, the cathodes were analyzed by XAFS to characterize structural degradation of bonds between neighboring atoms at the Mn edge.

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