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Romeoville High School ESRP 2020

Niobium Anode in Lithium Ion Battery


  • Students:
    • Ryan Boots
    • Michael Daum
    • Diana Hernandez
    • Faith Miller
    • Isabella Nkemeh
    • Arta Osmani
    • Samantha Padal
    • Maya Ramos
  • Teachers:
    • Sandrine Clairardin
    • Tina Paulus
  • Mentors:
    • Carlo Segre (Illinois Institute of Technology, Advanced Photon Source, Sector 10-BM)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 10: MRCAT

Lithium ion batteries are some of the most financially feasible batteries on the market, with respect to their high charge and discharge capacities. However, studies have shown that improvements can be made regarding the reversibility of lithiation and electrochemical capacity of these batteries.

Studies investigating the optimization of lithium ion batteries with the addition of niobium have demonstrated positive impact on charge density and capacity fade, making it a promising anode material for lithium ion batteries. Similar positive impacts have been noted in investigations of reducing particle size to the nanoscale and of including conductive material such as graphite to lithium ion batteries. This study will investigate how these factors impact the structure and electrochemical functioning when combined in a lithium ion coin cell.

*Note – This school group was unable to complete their project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.