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Educational Programs and Outreach

Romeoville High School ESRP 2022

Study of the Adsorption of CO2 by Carbon Filters


  • Students:
    • Nico Moran
    • Anna Noga
    • Samantha Padal
  • Teachers:
    • Ghada Ali
    • Sandrine Clairardin
  • Mentors:
    • Francesco de Carlo (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD-IMG)
    • Luca Rebuffi (Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source)
    • Pavel Shevchenko (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD-IMG)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 2: Imaging/Microscopy

CO2 resulting from coal burning causes severe health risks due to the environmental contamination, including, but not limited to, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. A coal burning facility produces different gaseous pollutants like N2O and SO2, but we have determined carbon dioxide as the most detrimental to the perspicuity of individuals lungs and respiratory systems. In other studies, coal fly ash contains unburnt organic materials such as carbon nanotubes, that may be recovered and used in many industries. The filtration device is composed of two chambers with a CO2 sensor in each. When using our filtration device, we noticed a common pattern of the concentration of CO2 in the polluted and the purified chambers for both types of filters. The filters were observed using a scanning electron microscope, and beamline 2-BM-XSD micro tomography.

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