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Educational Programs and Outreach

Whitney Young Magnet High School ESRP 2022

High-Entropy Oxides with Lithium Batteries


  • Students:
    • Nikita Agrawal
    • Margo Cicero
    • Miller Jackson
    • Layla Mravac
    • Ava Penn
    • Krishna Prabhakar
    • Zhouqi Shao
  • Teachers:
    • Ryan Kruidenier
  • Mentors:
    • Carlo Segre (Illinois Institute of Technology, Advanced Photon Source, Sector 10-BM)
    • Otavio Marques (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 10: MRCAT

A growing preference for green, non carbon dependent energy sources has led to heightened demand for reusable energy.

We are looking to research a new compound that can be used in a lithium ion battery (LIB) in order to maximize voltage, current, and cycle integrity.

We are exploring the emerging field of High entropy Oxides (HEO), an oxide which includes 5 or more metal cations.

This will increase the configurational entropy of the oxide, allowing the lithium ions to pass through the structure via multiple paths.

We will specifically be investigating the oxide (V0.2Cr0.2Nb0.2Mo0.2W0.2)Ox.

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