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Energy and Global Security

On March 28, 2022, EGS became two new directorates.

To maximize its contributions to the nation in attaining a range of urgent goals — from achieving a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy to increasing the resilience of infrastructure systems to impacts from climate change and other threats — Argonne created two new organizations from EGS

The Nuclear Technologies and National Security (NTNS) directorate supports energy system decarbonization through safe deployment of advanced nuclear energy systems with an emphasis on nonproliferation. NTNS is also focused on enhancing critical infrastructure resilience and adaptation to natural hazards and man-made disruptions and addressing chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.  

The Advanced Energy Technologies (AET) directorate focuses on decarbonizing the energy system by solving challenges related to renewable energy generation, storage, and distribution; applications such as transportation and buildings; and the development and manufacturing of advanced energy materials. 

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