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Energy and Global Security

Energy and Global Security Research Divisions

As home to the research from which Argonne was first conceived, nuclear energy research, EGS encompasses a diverse team of scientists, engineers and technical support staff, all of whom are committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions to address our most pressing energy concerns. Most of the research done in the EGS directorate focuses on applying the knowledge gained through Argonne’s basic, fundamental scientific research to specific energy and security challenges. In that sense, EGS bridges the gap between discovery science and applied research with the following research capabilities.


Applied Materials

The Applied Materials Division accelerates the development of new materials and processes using scalable synthesis, advanced characterization, and device fabrication and testing to drive innovation from invention to commercialization.

Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies

Members of the Chemical & Fuel Cycle Technologies Division, as world experts on the nuclear fuel cycle, develop and qualify fuels and innovative fuel recycle processes and equipment, model complex nuclear materials, and design fuel cycle facilities.

Decision and Infrastructure Sciences

Argonne’s Decision and Infrastructure Sciences (DIS) division harnesses unique laboratory capabilities to inform decisions related to the most pressing national and global security challenges.

Energy Systems

The Energy Systems Division conducts applied R&D to strengthen the economy, and enable energy independence, mobility, and national security.

Nuclear Science and Engineering

The Nuclear Science and Engineering Division advances the design and operation of nuclear energy systems and applies nuclear energy-related expertise to current and emerging programs of national and international significance.

Strategic Security Sciences

The Strategic Security Sciences Division (S3) is an applied research organization that develops scientific and technical national security solutions to address complex problems that threaten safety and stability throughout the world.
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