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Argonne National Laboratory

Emergency Information

Relevant information relating to Argonne’s operations

Emergency Contacts

When on site, use these emergency numbers to contact Argonne’s Protective Force:
  • From Argonne phones, dial 9-1-1
  • From cell phones or pay phones on site, call +1-630-252-1911
  • From Microsoft Teams Softphone (if equipped), dial 9-1-1 (the call is routed to on-site Fire Department/Argonne Emergency Center)

Non-Emergency Contacts

For assistance during a non-emergency:
  • From Argonne phones, call the Argonne Fire Department at ext. 2-6131.
  • From cell phones or pay phones, contact the Argonne Fire Department at +1-630-252-6131.
  • For additional assistance, contact the Argonne Protective Force +1-630-252‑5730.

Site Alarms

Outdoor sirens are tested the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Several types of alarms alert you to emergencies on the Argonne campus:
  • Check with your Area Emergency Supervisor for specifics for your building.
  • Outdoor sirens mean take shelter immediately.
  • Site-wide public address system warnings are preceded by a 20-second tone. Listen to the warning message that follows the tone.
  • Building alarms, such as bells and strobe lights, will announce building-specific emergencies. Listen for a building-specific message to immediately follow the alarm. If no message follows immediately, evacuate the building and report to your assigned accountability location. Localized or individual building public address warnings delivered by the Area Emergency Supervisor will not be preceded by a tone.

Tornado Shelters

  • Tornado shelters are available and marked with signs throughout the site. If a tornado watch has been issued, identify the location of your nearest shelter. If a tornado warning is issued, go to shelter immediately, and stay there quietly until an all-clear is issued. Check with your Area Emergency Supervisor regarding shelter locations.

Evacuation Routes

  • Evacuation routes are posted in most buildings. Be aware of at least two evacuation routes from your work area to your accountability location. Check with your Area Emergency Supervisor for your accountability location.

Seeking Shelter and Evacuating in a COVID-19 Environment

Seeking shelter or evacuating a building should be your first priority. The process for implementing any protective action has not changed.

Implement the following actions if you are directed to:

  • Seek shelter (for severe weather)
  • Shelter-in-place (for hazardous material release)
  • Evacuate (for fire and hazardous material release)


  • Cover your face with a mask or cloth.
  • Do not gather in groups. Continue to practice social distancing. Six feet (or as much space as practical) between yourself and others.
  • Face away from others.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after exiting the area.

About This Page

  • Employees should check this page for information in the event of an operational emergency or other change in operations at Argonne National Laboratory. Non-emergency information and directions for employees will be posted here by laboratory senior management, the U.S. Department of Energy and emergency responders.
  • Any changes to Argonne’s operational status will be sent to employees and other site occupants via text, email and phone messages (make sure your contact information is up to date in Argonne’s Workday system). The Argonne Info Line at (630) 252-INFO (+1-630-252-4636) is also updated when severe weather affects Argonne operations.