Argonne National Laboratory

Access Business Systems
Dash provides access to select Argonne business systems without VPN.

Dash is a secure platform, based on Citrix, for accessing Argonne business systems. Dash is available:

  • From any device (desktop, laptop, mobile)
  • Using any operating system (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple IOS, Android)
  • Through most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari; Chrome is not currently recommended)

All access is through a simple client or web browser plugin called Citrix Receiver (available for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows). It uses your Argonne login and allows you to access key applications directly through a secure connection. Unlike VPN, Dash provides a direct gateway to the application and does not expose your Internet traffic or personal device to the internal Laboratory network.

Access and System Requirements

To access applications through Dash, the Citrix Receiver client software must be installed on your desktop or laptop computer by your division IT support staff.  You can also install the software on your mobile device.

The first time you log into Dash, you will experience a delay of up to 45 seconds while your user profile is created. This profile is necessary for storing settings that are specific to you while using Dash. Some applications use this profile to allow you to do things like saving and printing files. You will be able to set up a workspace and choose the applications you want to use.

Dash-Accessible Systems

The following business systems and web sites are currently available on Dash:

  • Cambridge Structural Database
  • Conference Attendance System
  • Dayforce
  • Delegates
  • Employee Directory
  • Gate Pass
  • GetThere
  • Incident & Injury Notification
  • Inside Argonne
  • NEMO
  • TAMS
  • Xink
  • XM