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Energy Systems Division

Energy Systems D3 2013 Ford Cmax Energi

front view of 2013 Ford Cmax Energi
2013 Ford Cmax Energi - front view
rear view of 2014 Ford Cmax Energi
2014 Ford Cmax Energi - rear view

Key Technology

  • 2.0L DOHC I4 iVCT emulating Atkinson Cycle (141hp (105kW), 129lb-ft (175 N-m)
  • Motor/Generator-Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous: 118hp (88kW), 177lbft (240 Nm)
  • Transmission - HF35 eCVT hybrid powersplit transaxle, 2.91:1 Final Drive
  • Battery - 7.6 kWh, 277V Nominal Lithium-Ion (Li-Ni-Mn-Co-O2)

Data and Reports