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Research Highlight | Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis

Argonne work evaluates environmental impacts of marine fuel production

Developing an interactive, downloadable tool that features life cycle assessment for maritime fuels and vessels.

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, Troy Hawkins and Farhad Masum, in collaboration with researchers in Eastern Research Group, published the Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy use in Technologies (GREET) model for maritime fuels and vessels and provided a demonstration of the free downloadable GREET Marine Module. The GREET Marine Module (v1.0) features LCA results for marine fuels presented in the GREET database and provides an intuitive platform to interact with the data.

Key features of the GREET Marine Module includes viewing the default greenhouse gas emissions and other criteria air pollutants estimates for almost all fossilized and renewable marine fuel pathways; access to the most up-to-date emission estimates from GREET 2022; ability to change the input parameters to see the impact on emission estimates; compare up to 5 different fuels at the same time; and see the emission estimates on a unit energy basis. This module will be helpful to industry stakeholders and other LCA researchers in the marine sector.