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Workshop | X-Ray Science Division

3rd Spring Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction Workshop

Laboratory powder diffraction is a proven and trusted technique for pharmaceutical research and development (R&D), but synchrotron powder diffraction pushes beyond the capabilities of conventional instrumentation. The Spring Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction (SPS-XRPD 3) Workshop will highlight the most exciting recent developments and opportunities in pharmaceutical R&D made possible by synchrotron XRPD. The meeting offers the chance to engage an active network of synchrotron, academic and industrial pharmaceutical scientists, promote awareness of this technique and lower the barriers to access synchrotron XRPD and total scattering techniques.

Introductory lectures on powder diffraction and pair distribution function analysis will be given on the first day, along with beamline tours. The following two days will provide a forum for scientists to discuss synchrotron XRD and related techniques, unique sample environments, and their applications to pharmaceutical science.

This meeting follows workshops at Purdue University (2018) and the Paul Scherrer Institute (2019).