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AMD Seminar Series

Abstract: Novel 5G and advanced wireless technologies have the potential to impact many areas that are central to DOE’s mission, ranging from fundamental science, to the energy lifecycle, advanced manufacturing, environmental monitoring, and national security. The development of novel capabilities at the high frequency, mm wave range can lead to fast, reliable, and distributed sensing, monitoring, and control capabilities that are not possible with current technologies. They can also lead to new sensors that take advantage of the RF itself as a sensing tool, thus harvesting the power needed for operation in remote or extreme environments.

Recently, DOE organized a workshop focused on the fundamental challenges and basic research needs of advanced wireless technologies. This workshop led to a recently released report that highlights the opportunities and challenges that need to be overcome to realize the full potential of advanced wireless technology.

In this presentation, we will provide an introduction to 5G and novel wireless technologies, with an emphasis on its potential for applications relevant to the DOE mission, existing approaches and challenges from a hardware and materials perspective, and opportunities relating to materials research and requirements.

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