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Seminar | Physics Division

A New Generation of Many-Body Methods for Nuclear Structure

PHY Seminar

Nowadays, computationally efficient many-body methods can be used to perform first-principles calculations for atomic nuclei up to mass A~150.  This progress has made it possible to confront modern two- and three-nucleon interactions from Chiral Effective Field Theory with a wealth of experimental data, and provide important guidance in their ongoing refinement. 

In my talk, I will focus on  one such many-body approach, the In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group (IMSRG).  The IMSRG not only offers a means to directly compute certain nuclear properties, but also provides a powerful framework for designing hybrid” methods that allow us to tackle nuclei with strong collective correlations, e.g., due to intrinsic deformation.  I will present applications of such IMSRG-based approaches to the first-principles description of (doubly) open-shell nuclei, including candidate nuclei for fundamental symmetry tests.  I will also give an overview of new developments that promise to once again increase the capabilities of the IMSRG and related nuclear structure methods in the coming years.