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Seminar | Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division

A Perspective on the Status of Solid-State Battery Technology

CSE Seminar

Abstract: There is tremendous interest in making the next superbattery, but state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology works well, and there is inertia in several commercial markets. Supplanting lithium-ion will be difficult. Recent material breakthroughs in lithium-metal solid-state electrolytes could enable a new class of noncombustible solid-state batteries (SSBs) delivering twice the energy density (1,200 Wh/L) compared with lithium-ion. However, technological and manufacturing challenges remain. The discussion will consist of recent milestones and attempts to bridge knowledge gaps, including the following:

  • Stability and kinetics of the lithium-metal/solid-electrolyte interface
  • Understanding and controlling an unusual phenomenon: lithium-metal penetration in solid electrolytes — how can something soft penetrate something hard?
  • Solid-state mechanics of lithium metal and composite ceramic electrodes

Despite the challenges, SSB technology is rapidly progressing. Multidisciplinary research in the fields of materials science, solid-state electrochemistry, and solid-state mechanics will play an important role in determining if SSB will make the lab-to-market transition.