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Seminar | Center for Molecular Engineering

A Waveguide-Based Spin-Photon Interface on a GaAs Platform

IME Seminar

Abstract: Stationary spin qubits coupled to single photons are the basis for a variety of quantum information applications. These applications require a spin-photon interface with efficient spin-photon coupling, the ability to coherently control the spin states, and ideally, integration into photonic systems. I will present a spin-photon interface based on a self-assembled InAs quantum dot in a nanobeam waveguide on a GaAs platform. The quantum dot is charged with a single electron and is efficiently coupled to the waveguide with a beta factor of 80%. We first demonstrate that the quantum dot can switch the transmission of single photons in the waveguide depending on the spin states. We then demonstrate coherent optical control of the spin states by using ultrafast laser pulses. The measured coherence time of the spin states of 2.2 ns is comparable with the typical value in bulk media.