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Seminar | Applied Materials

ALD/ALE Processes with Metal Hexafluoride Precursors

AMD Seminar

Abstract: Metal hexafluoride precursors specially MF6 where M= W and Mo are widely used in logics and memories microelectronic applications. Last >10 years our group at AMD have used these MF6 precursors and developed many thin film materials such as W, Mo, WAlF(TW), TMDs, and many nanocomposites.

In this presentation, I will discuss some of the latest work on materials engineering via atomic layer deposition (ALD) and atomic layer etching (ALE) processes using metal hexafluoride precursors. We applied these ALD/ALE made materials to several applications such as  fabrication of microchannel plates(MCP), high temperature solar absorber coatings, Li-ion batteries, catalysis, high density aerogels, microelectronics, environmental barrier coatings, etc. I will also highlights easiness and challenges for ALE/ALD processes when using MF6 precursors.