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The Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) division invites you to attend a virtual listening party for Argonne Voices, an oral history project marking the Lab’s 75th anniversary.  

During the event, the Argonne Voices committee will debut three new stories featuring: a structural virologist whose research at the Advanced Photon Source laid the groundwork for more effective COVID-19 vaccines; a nuclear engineer and cybersecurity expert whose careers are inspiring young women in STEM; and Paul Kearns in conversation with Walter Massey, Argonne’s first African American lab director. Snippets of these stories will be played followed by a brief Q&A with Argonne Voices participants, including the Lab’s scientific glassblower Kevin Moeller and Amanda Joyce, group leader for Strategic Cybersecurity Analysis and Research.

Through intimate one-on-one conversations, Argonne Voices highlights the people behind our mission and the lab’s unique contributions to the world.