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Featured Event | Argonne National Laboratory

Bridging the Gap: Advancing America’s Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain

A two-day workshop hosted by Argonne National Laboratory on March 16-17, 2022.

Bridging the Gap: Advancing America’s Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain, was convened by Li-Bridge, a public-private alliance committed to accelerating the development of a domestic battery supply chain.

Over the course of two days, Li-Bridge facilitated the sharing of perspectives from battery industry stakeholders on opportunities and challenges across the supply chain, and how to promote increased collaboration towards the vision and goals of the National Blueprint for domestic manufacturing of lithium batteries.

U.S. companies interested in battery manufacturing were encouraged to sign up for short talks summarizing their technology, future plans, challenges, and workforce needs. These presentations aided Li-Bridge in disseminating information on the important challenges and opportunities for industry in establishing domestic manufacturing.

The Bridging the Gap workshop agenda included a focus on Battery Material Processing” on the first day and Battery Component Manufacturing and Recycling” on the second day. Both days of the workshop included:

  • Welcome and Keynote remarks
  • Stage setting, polls, and opportunities for broad feedback
  • Industry feedback session: presentations from U.S. industry covering Areas of Interest
  • Industry feedback session on additional high-priority areas

March 16 — Day 1 of the workshop

March 17 — Day 2 of the workshop