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Special Seminar | High Energy Physics Division

Bright and Dark Bars in Spinning Halos

HEP Special Seminar

Abstract: We analyze models of stellar disks inside spinning dark matter (DM) halos. Our previous work has shown the very strong effect that halo cosmological spin λ has on disk evolution. In halos of λ > 0.045, the stellar bar does not recover after the vertical buckling instability during subsequent secular evolution. We also study the response of the DM to the stellar bar and use high-resolution N-body simulations for a sequence of halos with λ= 0 (nonrotating) to λ = 0.09. We find that DM bars induced within parent halos by the stellar bars exhibit a more complex evolution than was anticipated by previous works. We analyze the evolution of these DM bars, including their amplitude and size, as well as their orbit trapping efficiency by performing spectral orbital analysis. Finally, we study the intricacies of angular momentum transfer within such disk-halo galactic systems, as well as observational corollaries of this effect.