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Seminar | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Chemical and Phase Transformations of Multicomponent Oxides in Batteries

NST Seminar

Abstract: Lithium and sodium layered cathode materials are usually multicomponent transition metal ™ oxides, and each TM plays a unique role in the cathode chemistry (e.g., redox activity, structural stabilization, surface passivation). Engineering the three-dimensional (3-D) distribution of TM cations in individual primary and secondary particles can take advantage of the depth-dependent charging and passivation mechanisms and enable a path toward tuning local TM–O chemical environments and eliminating undesired cathode-electrolyte interfacial reactions that are responsible for capacity fading, voltage decay, and safety hazards.

In this presentation, we highlight our recent progress in understanding and manipulating the cathode chemistry by using the unconventional design principle of 3-D heterogeneous chemical distribution and advanced diagnostic tools. The presentation will show that  there is plenty of room at the bottom” by tuning nano- and mesoscale heterogeneity to stabilize multicomponent TM oxide-based cathode chemistry in rechargeable batteries.

Bio: Feng Lin is an assistant professor of chemistry, with a courtesy appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech. He holds a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering  from Tianjin University and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in materials science from the Colorado School of Mines. Feng is fascinated by energy sciences, materials electrochemistry, and synchrotron X-ray techniques.