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Seminar | X-Ray Science Division

Coherent X-Ray Imaging: CDI, Ptychography, and GPU-Accelerated Data Analysis with PyNX

XSD/MIC Special Presentation

Abstract: Over the last 20 years, synchrotron sources have produced brighter and more coherent X-ray beams that have allowed the development of coherent X-ray Imaging techniques that yield a resolution limited by neither the X-ray beam size nor the pixel size on the detector.

I will present the PyNX software developed at ESRF, which uses graphical processing units (GPUs) to provide 1 to 2 orders of magnitude acceleration in data analysis throughput. I will show:

  • The tools already available with the choices in algorithms and figures of merit
  • How the Python library can be easily extended to new algorithms by using an operator-based approach (without any knowledge of GPU programming)

Examples will include coherent diffraction imaging (in the small-angle and Bragg regimes) and ptychography (near- and far-field, small-angle,and Bragg).