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Seminar | Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Compact and Cost-Effective Mobile 2.4-GHz Radar System for Object Detection

MCS Seminar

Abstract: Various types of small mobile unmanned vehicles have become easily accepted by the public because of technology advancements. As unmanned vehicles become more widely accessible, however, they may be used for threatening. However, it is difficult to detect unmanned vehicles unless a person encounters the vehicle.

This research proposes a radar system that can operate in open public areas to detect and track unmanned vehicles. Existing radar systems for navigation, aviation, national defense, air traffic control, or weather forecasting are not applicable for monitoring public places because of their size, high operation cost, and health effects. The proposed radar system was able to detect and report results in near real time. Although further study to improve the system is required, the system will be applicable for research requiring sensors for exploration, monitoring, or mapping because of its accessibility.