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Seminar | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Configurable Light-Matter Interactions

NST Seminar

Abstract: Nanophotonics interfaces light and nanoscale matters, usually based on the manipulation of intrinsic physical properties of materials such as surface plasmons, optical bands, and exciton physics. The exploration of novel configurable light-matter interactions by self-tailoring structural units (“artificial atoms”) will offer a new route to transform traditional nanophotonic materials and devices.

In this talk, I introduce my work on the development of configurable light-matter interactions by artificially structuring optical matters, specifically, exploiting novel soft” metamaterials and optoelectronic devices. Conventional metamaterials are considered hard” materials whose structural units cannot be tailored after their formation. In contrast, I will present our recently developed soft” exploratory approaches for the synthesis and assembly of nanophotonic metamaterials. Through feedback-driven self-assembly, this new class of metamaterial can self-configure its desired symmetries, which were previously unattainable. I will also present our solution-processed subdiffraction perovskite nanolaser device with unprecedented enhanced emission dynamics that holds promise for on-chip optical information processing and communications. In addition to providing new knowledge of nanoscale light-matter interactions, our studies will propel future reconfigurable and self-responsive material applications.