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Seminar | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Controlling Light Down to the Single-Photon Level with On-Chip Nanofabricated Devices

NST Seminar

Abstract: Light-matter interactions allow exploring new physics and adding functionalities to photonic on-chip devices, thus enabling developments in classical (nano-lasers) and quantum (single-photon emitters) light sources, energy harvesters, and sensors. These advances have been facilitated by unprecedented control in growth and fabrication techniques that have opened new pathways to the design and realization of semiconductor devices where light emission, trapping, and guidance can be efficiently controlled.

In this context, I will show the implementation of quantum dot nanostructures in nanophotonic cavities that can create simultaneously bright and pure, triggered single-photon sources critical for quantum information applications. I will then present different photonic geometries for controlling light propagation, brightness, and spontaneous emission rate, based on plasmonic nanostructures and photonic crystal waveguides.

Finally, I will discuss novel designs based on bio-inspired aperiodic and disordered photonic crystals, showing efficient light confinement and optical sensing at visible wavelengths.

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