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Seminar | Energy Systems Division

Deep Learning: Cutting Through the Myths and Hype

CEEESA Seminar

Abstract: The field of artificial intelligence has been revitalized during this decade, primarily because of the large-scale application of deep learning and other machine learning algorithms. This has been most evident in applications such as computer vision, natural language processing, and game bots. However, extraordinary success within a short period of time has also had the unintended consequence of causing a sharp difference of opinion in the research and industrial communities regarding the capabilities and limitations of deep learning. A few questions you might have heard being asked (or asked yourself) include:

  • We don’t know how deep neural networks make decisions, so can we trust them?
  • Can deep learning deal with highly nonlinear continuous systems with millions of variables?
  • Can deep learning solve the artificial general intelligence problem?

The goal of this seminar is to provide a 1000-ft view of deep learning and hopefully answer the questions above. The seminar will touch upon the evolution, current state of the art, and peculiarities of deep learning and share thoughts on using deep learning as a tool for developing power system solutions.

Attend via BlueJeans