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Driving Innovation Through Diversity

Argonne Outloud Public Lecture

In the 1960’s, NASA’s inclusion of the contributions of three brilliant African-American women (Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson), in no small part, advanced the research and achievements of the United States’ space program. Their extraordinary work did much to keep the nation competitive in the Space Race of the 20th century and it provides a compelling example of how diversity in science fuels innovation and discovery.

Argonne recognizes the power of diversity in driving innovation. It’s essential to the scientific advancements made by our African American scientists, including those early in their career.

We invite you to join in an evening discussion with three of our African American postdoctoral appointees who are exploring new frontiers across the spectrum of science, from computer science to chemistry to applied materials. With an introduction from Argonne’s Laboratory Director, the event will conclude with a moderated conversation focusing on what laboratories and research institutions can do to enhance diversity and inclusion and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Paul Kearns
Argonne National Laboratory Director

Valerie Taylor
Division Director
Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Kevin Brown
Argonne Scholar and Walter Massey Fellow
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Kevin’s research focuses on the development of the next generation of supercomputers that can produce faster, more accurate climate predictions and broaden AI use across scientific areas.

Devon Powers
Postdoctoral Appointee
Applied Materials Division
Devon’s research focuses on the development of solid-state batteries that have longer battery life, are more compact and higher-powered, and recharge faster.

Thabiso Kunene
Postdoctoral Appointee
Material Science Division
Thabiso’s research focuses on the development of materials that capture carbon from the environment and convert it into value added products.

If you have questions about the OutLoud Lecture Series, please contact us at outloud@​anl.​gov.