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Special Seminar | High Energy Physics Division

Electroweak Supersymmetry Searches and the ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade of the Silicon Strip Detector

HEP Special Seminar

Abstract: Recent hints of physics anomalies incompatible with the Standard Model have brought increased motivation to search for Electroweak Supersymmetry at the LHC.  Several new results from the ATLAS Collaboration are presented targeting models of Electroweak Supersymmetry with both R-parity conserving and violating decays into three-lepton final states.  The High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC and the ATLAS experiment will greatly expand our ability to produce and detect such rare new physics processes, but presents unique challenges from a busy, high-radiation environment.  Recent developments in the design and testing of the upgraded readout electronics of the charged-particle tracking silicon strip detector are discussed.