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Seminar | Physics Division

Emerging Scintillators for Fast Neutron Spectroscopy

PHY Seminar

Abstract: The scintillator Cs2LiYCl6 (CLYC) has emerged as a versatile detector for both gammas and neutrons, with excellent pulse shape discrimination. Originally developed as a thermal neutron counter, the discovery of its unexpected and unprecedented ~10% pulse height resolution for fast neutrons in the few-MeV range has prompted studies to benchmark its use in low-energy nuclear science and applications. The talk will focus on characterization and test experiments with an array of sixteen 1″ x 1″ and the first 3″ x 37Li-enriched C7LYC crystals, optimized for fast-neutron spectroscopy. These include elastic and inelastic neutron scattering cross sections at Los Alamos National Laboratory with a pulsed white neutron source, as well as measurements using mono-energetic neutrons generated at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Van de Graaff accelerator. Planned and preliminary tests of beta-delayed neutron spectroscopy and fission neutron measurements at NSCL and Argonne will be discussed, as well as machine learning techniques for neutron-gamma discrimination with C7LYC.