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Seminar | Physics Division

Experiments on Light Nuclei to Advance the Ab Initio Frontier

PHY Seminar

Abstract: Ab initio nuclear structure theories using 2- (NN) and 3-body (3N) Hamiltonians derived from chiral Effective Field Theory (EFT) connect to the underlying physics of the strong interaction and provide a unique opportunity to understand the nuclear structure and its evolution from first principles. Although recent calculations of excitation energies with chiral NN+3N interactions in light and medium-mass (mainly closed-shell) nuclei have been successful, their extension to other observables remains a challenge. Therefore, new data on electromagnetic properties provide an exciting opportunity to constrain NN+3N Hamiltonians in ab initio calculations ranging from Nuclear Lattice EFT to the No-Core Shell Model. 

In this seminar, I will discuss a number of experiments that have been performed (NSCL, ANL, JYFL) with the goal to extract key experimental observables in C and O isotopes and benchmark the theoretical developments. In particular, I will present results on lifetime measurements of excited states in 16C and 21O, an attempt to measure the lifetime of the 2+ state of 22O, and results on the quadrupole moment of the 2+ state of 12C.

This work is supported by the Royal Society.