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Seminar | Physics

Exploring Fission Fragment Initial Conditions with Robust Uncertainty Quantification

PHY Seminar

Abstract: A significant amount of research has gone into developing and improving uncertainty quantification methods for nuclear theory, particularly in moving beyond chi-squared calculations and covariance propagation, quantifying truncation and model errors, and developing emulators to apply these improved methods to computationally demanding calculations. Fission modeling presents a variety of challenges for uncertainty quantification, based on the time scales of the process, the computational cost of the modeling, and the large amount of information – mostly on exotic, neutron-rich nuclei – needed for calculations. 

In this work, I’ll discuss our LANL-developed models for the consistent calculation of fission observables, new work on quantifying uncertainties on the necessary inputs, and the development of emulators that are crucial to performing these calculations in a timely manner.