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Seminar | Physics Division

Extending Our Knowledge of Neutron-Rich Very Exotic Nuclei at the RIBF: First In-Beam Gamma Spectroscopy of 78Ni

PHY Seminar

Abstract: Magic numbers, defining closed shells for stable nuclei, have been reexamined in radioactive nuclei where the unbalanced proton-to-neutron ratio questions the persistence or evolution of the established shell gaps.  78Ni, with 28 protons and 50 neutrons, provides a unique testbed to investigate the persistence of those magic numbers for very neutron-rich nuclei. We will report on the first in-beam gamma spectroscopy measurement of 78Ni performed at the Radioisotope Beam Factory (RIBF).  This experiment combined the MINOS device, a thick liquid hydrogen target surrounded by a proton tracker, with the DALI2 gamma-ray array to measure the first excited states of 78Ni from one- and two-proton knockout reactions.

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