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Seminar | Physical Sciences and Engineering

Fault-Tolerant Quantum Error Correction in Bosonic Systems


Abstract: Bosonic quantum error correction (QEC) has recently arisen as a hardware-efficient route to implementing QEC by taking advantage of the infinite dimensionality of a bosonic Hilbert space. In this talk, I will briefly review the fundamentals of bosonic QEC. Then, I will present my previous results on the performance comparison of various bosonic error correcting codes. In the comparison, the Gottesman Kitaev Preskill (GKP) code turns out to be the optimal code in correcting photon loss errors, which are the dominant error sources in many physical platforms. I will then present my recent results on fault-tolerant bosonic QEC with the surface GKP code, (i.e., a concatenation of the GKP code with the surface code.) I will conclude with an overview of other possible applications of bosonic QEC.