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Colloquium | Center for Nanoscale Materials

Functional Materials: Potential and Promise

NST Colloquium

Abstract: Advances in solving contemporary environmental and technological challenges facing industry and society hinge on progress in creating a new generation of high-performance materials with desirable properties and functions. A better understanding of the fundamental structure-property relationships at the molecular level is critical for the rational design and synthesis of such functional materials. This difficult problem has attracted considerable attention in recent years, fueled by the widespread need for efficient materials for applications in such areas as catalysis, sensors, photovoltaic, pharmaceuticals, and membranes.

Transition metal-oxide clusters or polyoxometalates are molecular systems with diameters of up to several nanometers. They offer versatile building blocks for constructing new materials whose structures can be varied systematically and whose properties are correlated with their constituents and the molecular level. This talk will highlight some developments in this exciting area with examples of polyoxometalate-based functional materials made in our labs and their intriguing NOx gas sensing and catalytic properties.

Bio: M. Ishaque Khan is a professor of chemistry at Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and did his postdoctoral work at Syracuse University. His research interests include nanoscale science and technology and functional materials for applications in catalysis, sensing, energy storage, and biomedical usage. 

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