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Seminar | Applied Materials Division

High Temperature Ceramic Membranes for Energy Technology Applications

Applied Materials Division Seminar Series

Abstract: High temperature ceramic membranes have numerous applications, such as gas separation membranes, membrane reactors, fuel cells, and gas sensors. We have extensively investigated the use of dense mixed ionic and electronic conductors (MIECs) for air, hydrogen, and steam separations. Oxygen transport membranes (OTMs) provide oxygen for reforming reactions (SMR, POX, and ATR) and gasification by separating oxygen from air, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and energy intensive cryogenic air separation.

Oxygen separation and syngas conversion can be combined into one reactor. A high temperature hydrogen separation membrane (HTM) reactor, wherein water gas shift reaction and pure hydrogen separation are combined, can be used to further enhance the cost and efficiency improvements for hydrogen production from natural gas and pre-combustion CO2 capture. Our proton-conducting oxide membrane separates steam under chemical reaction process conditions. With potential to impact a wide array of energy-intensive industrial processes with steam as a byproduct, our work will advance the engineering and development of transformational manufacturing technologies that significantly improve the competitiveness of U.S. industry.