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Seminar | X-Ray Science Division

Imaging Methods for High-Speed Micro Tomography

XSD/IMG Special Presentation

Abstract: The development of high-speed time-resolved tomographic microscopy is of great interest for various three-dimensional in situ studies. The main difficulties of in situ studies of dynamic samples involve suppressing reconstruction artifacts due to noise in data, insufficient number of projection angles, and the sample motion during data collection. Another important difficulty is the determination of the optimal acquisition system control parameters, where real-time feedback during the tomographic acquisition is required.

In this talk, I will consider fast mathematical methods for suppressing artifacts and reconstructing time-resolved tomographic data. The methods were successfully tested with experimental data acquired at the TOMCAT beamline of the Swiss Light Source and at the 2-BM beamline of the Advanced Photon Source. I will also present reconstruction results of our recent in situ tomographic experiments at the 2-BM beamline for studying the gas-hydrate formation process in sand and coal media.

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