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Seminar | Physics Division

Isospin Physics Studied with Nucleon Knockout Reactions

PHY Seminar

Abstract: The combination of the high-resolving power of GRETINA with the well- established intermediate-energy knockout program at NSCL has led to some significant advances in studies related to isospin. We have been able to use the mirrored knockout” approach, which will be described, to study isobaric analogue states in pairs of mirror nuclei that are well separated in proton number, and in which the proton-rich member of the mirror pair is only weakly bound. This has been used to test our understanding of isospin-breaking interactions and also may contribute to the widely discussed issue of suppression of spectroscopic strength in one-nucleon removal at intermediate energies. Recent results using GRETINA to study the evolution of collectivity in N=Z nuclei, in one of the ost deformed regions of the nuclear chart, the A=80 region, will be presented.