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Seminar | Nuclear Science and Engineering Division

Micro-Reactor Design Activities at Argonne, and Their Potential to Power Truck Rest Stations

NSE Seminar

Abstract: Various micro-reactors are under development in the United States based on highly innovative gas-cooled or heat-pipe concepts. Argonne’s NSE Division is working on micro-reactor design, analyses and modeling through various projects supported by LDRD and DOE. Under LDRD, techno-economic analysis of micro-reactor concepts showed the potential attractiveness to fuel electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within our nation’s transportation infrastructure, requiring vast amounts of energy and thousands of installations nationwide. 

These presentations by Nicolas Stauff and Derek Kultgen will explore the use of micro-reactors as an energy source for charging EVs, specifically Class 8 semi-trucks, highlighting key technical aspects of a proposed micro-reactor (MiFi-DC) tailored to recharging semis at rest stops. MiFi-DC core specifics will be covered such as materials, geometry, control system and modeling methodology, including innovative solutions developed to ensure micro-reactor core success. 

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