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Seminar | Materials Science Seminar | Materials Science Division

Nanoparticle Electrochemistry for Energy Materials

MSD Seminar

Abstract: Nanomaterials have a huge potential for realizing a next-generation energy paradigm to replace the traditional fossil-fuel-based system. In electrochemical energy storage and conversion reactions, well-designed nanomaterials can impart unexpected functionality to the system, improving the performance of electrodes in both activity and stability. However, because of the versatile physicochemical state of nanostructures, delicate tailoring of nanomaterials is required to achieve ideal performance from the nanomaterials. Therefore, rational design of nanostructures is a key issue for developing promising new materials in electrochemical energy societies.

In this talk, I will cover ongoing efforts from my group to develop advanced nanostructures based on rational material design in the battery and fuel cell fields. The end of the talk will highlight the importance of well-controlled nanostructures in achieving high activity and stability properties of nanomaterials in electrochemical energy devices.