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Colloquium | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Nanotechnology in the Oilfield

NST Colloquium

Abstract: The oil and gas  industry has been, and continues to be, driven by delivering efficiency in the recovery and delivery of hydrocarbons. As nanotechnology has arisen as a science unto itself, there has been a concerted drive to deliver that technology into the oilfield to improve both hydrocarbon recovery as well as the tools used in the process. This presentation will briefly describe technical drivers for the oil and gas industry, describe nanotechnology efforts to improve recovery performance and expand the application envelope, and discuss the larger challenge of moving nanotechnology off of the lab bench and into oil and gas operations.

Bio: John Stevens graduated with a B.Sc. in metallurgical engineering from Michigan Technological University and a M.Sc. degree in materials science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He joined Baker Hughes in 2004, working in hard materials and metal matrix composites research and development focused on rock drilling technology. He currently leads a materials research team focused on longer term opportunities in the oilfield services business.

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