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Seminar | X-Ray Science Division

Nematicity in f-electron Materials

XSD/MM Special Presentation

Abstract: Cerium-based materials are fascinating because their 4f electron may hybridize with the sea of conduction electrons and give rise to novel emergent phenomena. CeRhIn5, a prototypical heavy-fermion antiferromagnet, exhibits remarkable behavior when subjected to either high magnetic fields or high applied pressures. A superconducting dome emerges around a putative unconventional quantum critical point at 2.3 GPa, and an XY nematic phase has been recently discovered at B* > 30 T. In this talk, I will focus on the origin of this high-field phase. Our results support a scenario in which anisotropic hybridization sets the stage for electronic nematicity in CeRhIn5. I also hope to have time to discuss ongoing investigations that point to putative nematic states in other Ce-based materials.

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