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Seminar | Physical Sciences and Engineering

Neutral Atom Quantum Computing

PSE QIS Seminar

Abstract: Quantum computing is a few decades old, and it is an area where there is great excitement and rapid developments. One of the daunting challenges in developing a practical quantum computer is the need for a very large number of qubits. Neutral atoms are one of the most promising approaches for meeting this challenge. I will describe the current state of play and the optical and atomic physics underlying neutral atom qubits and computation. Critical technology challenges that are needed for scalability will be described. These include high-performance spatial and temporal optical modulators, imaging systems, and lasers. In addition to their potential for computation, atoms are ideally suited for creating entanglement between stationary and photonic qubits. Rydberg states of atoms couple strongly to microwave frequency fields. I will briefly show examples of work in progress towards functional quantum network nodes that can connect atomic, photonic, and superconducting platforms.