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Colloquium | Nanoscience and Technology Division

Next Level Layered Materials

NST Colloquium

Abstract: Layered and two-dimensional materials have emerged as one of the most exciting families of solid-state compounds, due to the plethora of unique physical phenomena found in these materials coupled with advances in the characterization of structure and properties down to the single layer scale. Here, we will describe our efforts in developing new families of these compounds, in particular, our recent discoveries of axis-dependent conduction polarity and focus on germanane materials. First, electronic materials generally exhibit a single majority carrier type, electrons or holes. We have discovered that NaSn2As2, an exfoliatable van der Waals Zintl phase, simultaneously exhibits p-type behavior in-plane and n-type behavior along the cross-plane direction. We will establish the origin of this phenomenon and its electronic structure fingerprints, show that it exists across many families of layered compounds, and discuss how it can be exploited to create new classes of device technologies. Second, we will discuss our efforts on ligand-terminated group 14 graphane analogues. We will show the extent to which the electronic structure can be tailored using surface functionalization chemistry. Furthermore, we will highlight how the surface chemistry can lead to nonobvious interactions with other chemical species.

Bio: Josh Goldberger received his B.S. in chemistry from The Ohio State University in 2001. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley  in 2006. He joined The Ohio State University Chemistry Department in August of 2010, and was promoted to Professor in 2020.