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Seminar | Computing, Environment and Life Sciences

Next-Generation High-Performance Computing

CELS Seminar

Abstract: High-performance computing is undergoing a period of rapid evolution involving changes in computational architectures and the types of problems that are being attacked. Aside from the traditional types of hard” computational problems, there is now considerably more emphasis on system-scale” simulation, data-intensive problems, and large-scale artificial intelligence/machine learning applications. The new landscape is of particular importance to Argonne’s Computational Science (CPS) Division, a relatively new organization at the Laboratory.

In this talk, I will give a quick overview of next-generation supercomputing opportunities and challenges and present the (provisional) CPS viewpoint regarding how these should be approached. Opportunities for collaboration abound and a small subset of them will be explicitly discussed. 

Bio: Salman Habib is the Director of Argonne’s Computational Science (CPS) Division and an Argonne Distinguished Fellow. He holds a joint position in Argonne’s Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Directorate and has joint appointments at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Habib’s interests cover a broad span of research, ranging from quantum field theory and quantum information to the formation and evolution of cosmological structures. 

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