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Seminar | Physics

No-Core Shell Model Calculations of the Structure of P-shell Nuclei

PHY Seminar

Abstract: In recent years there has been significant progress in computational approaches to nuclear structure, with advances in many-body techniques, realistic interactions based on QCD, ever-increasing computing power, and Bayesian methods to estimate uncertainties. State-of-the-art two- and three-nucleon interactions obtained from chiral effective field theory (EFT) provide a theoretical foundation for nuclear theory with (in principle) controlled approximations. With highly efficient numerical codes, tuned to the current generation of supercomputers, we can perform ab-initio nuclear structure calculations for a range of nuclei to a remarkable level of numerical accuracy.  

I present recent No Core Shell Model (NCSM) calculations of ground state energies and low-lying excitation spectra of all stable p-shell nuclei based on chiral EFT interactions. I also show how the obtained wavefunctions and densities are used to calculate other observables such as charge radii, magnetic and quadrupole moments, electromagnetic transitions, and nucleon-nucleus scattering.