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Seminar | Materials Science Seminar | Materials Science Division

Noise Is Not Always a Nuisance: Studying the Dynamics of Electrons by Means of Fluctuation Spectroscopy

MSD Seminar


Abstract: Any physical quantity is subject to (quantum or thermal) fluctuations. Although fluctuations are frequently considered a nuisance (i.e., an unwanted disturbance limiting the accuracy of scientific measurements), in many cases, they can reveal fundamental information about the inherent system dynamics. During the past decades, the study of electronic fluctuations has evolved into an indispensable tool in condensed matter physics.

In the first part of the talk, an overview of electronic fluctuations will be given. In this context, different types of noise, such as 1/f-type fluctuations or thermal noise, will be discussed, and the fluctuation spectroscopy technique will be introduced.

In the second part of the presentation, recent noise studies on a variety of novel condensed matter systems will be presented. This will include investigations of the archetypal magnetic semiconductors (Ga,Mn)As and (Ga,Mn)P, oxide-based resistive random access memory devices, and the heavy-fermion compound YbRh2Si2. The detailed discussion of these different systems will demonstrate the capability and versatility of the fluctuation spectroscopy method.