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Seminar | Physics Division

Nuclear Spectroscopy of Superheavy Nuclei

PHY Seminar

Abstract: Correlated α-decay chains, which all are found to terminate by spontaneous fission, have been observed in 48Ca-induced fusion-evaporation reactions on actinide targets. This leads to the commonly accepted interpretation that these decay chains originate from isotopes with proton numbers up to Z = 118, Og. Detection technology, data processing, and various data analysis tools for superheavy element studies have advanced considerably during recent years. This has allowed for first multi-coincidence high-resolution spectroscopy experiments along these decay chains of the heaviest man-made isotopes. A new decay station α-photon coincidence spectroscopy is currently under construction in Lund. The impact of this type of measurements on the search for the island of stability will be discussed from the underlying nuclear structure point of view, based on both published and recent data taken on element 115 (Mc) and element 114 (Fl) decay chains, respectively.