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Seminar | Physics Division

Nuclear Structure using Neutron-Induced Reactions: News from ILL

PHY Seminar

Abstract: Among the different approaches to study the structure of nuclei, thermal neutron induced reactions can be used to probe various phenomena.  Capture reactions on (rare) stable or radioactive targets populate low-spin states below the neutron separation energy.  With thermal neutron induced fission of actinides, neutron-rich nuclei are populated at moderately high spin. Those reactions are used at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) Grenoble/France, with a new high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy setup.

FIPPS, the Fission Product Prompt gamma-ray Spectrometer, has been used to study the structure of nuclei in different region of the nuclear chart, addressing phenomena such as shape isomerism in light nuclei and shape coexistence in neutron rich Kr and Br isotopes.  After a general introduction about the nuclear physics activities at ILL, recent results obtained in different experiments with FIPPS will be reported.  Particular focus will be dedicated to the first fission campaigns, showing the innovative technique of fission tagging and highlighting first results.